zenGOT™ is in the freedom business! Our business model is similar to Airbnb, Uber, Lyft and many other two-sided marketplace platforms. Through our online community, zenGOT's™ proprietary technology platform matches customers with vetted, independent service providers (zenGivers) who provide various quality home services, for a fee, to free up the customer's time. Like these other companies, zenGOT™ also provides the opportunity for all users of its platform to do 5 star ratings and reviews.

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Work as an Independent contractor

As a zenGiver, you will work as an independent contractor and have the freedom to be your own boss, set your hours, set your own rates and choose where you want to work and what services you want to provide. 

Making it easy to run your business and get more customers

zenGOT™ will run the platform, market the platform, bring customers to you, provide customer support, provide zenGiver support, handle payment processing, provide invoices and reports and provide you with the opportunity to easily run your business (with your own dedicated webpage on the platform) so that you can get more clients and make more money.

Two-Sided Marketplace

Like other two-sided marketplace companies, zenGOT™ is run on a cashless basis meaning that when customers first order services they provide their credit card and all payments are then processed through zenGOT™. We retain a booking fee equal to 25% for first time customer bookings or 20% for repeat business with the same customer.

Weekly payments

You will be paid weekly with direct deposits into your bank account and we will not deduct any taxes or other government payments. We recommend that you set your hourly rates taking our fee into consideration so the amount you receive makes you happy at the end of the day for the services you are performing! With our plans to be the largest on-demand home service provider in Canada, we hope you will find your relationship to be extremely fruitful and rewarding!

Following are the steps you must take to provide services as a zenGiver on the zenGOT™ platform:

1. Sign up as a zenGiver 

2. Customize your profile page

3. Complete an Orientation*

4. Complete Your Vetting

Special Offer: No vetting charge.

*Note: If you have signed up as a Cleaner, you will also need to watch cleaning training videos and successfully pass a short multiple choice quiz.

BONUS: Select a complimentary FabJob e-book (from those listed here) to help you get your service business off the ground (valued up to $29.95).

  • After you have completed the above we will activate your account (unless you are providing cleaning services because you will be required to do a very brief training watching cleaning videos and completing a multiple choice quiz). Upon activation of your account, you are free to earn as much as you like as quickly as you like!
  • We are happy to help you out with any steps along the way. Feel free to email us at if you need assistance. However, for any technical issues, please email
  • We are excited to welcome you as a zenGiver onto the zenGOT™ platform!