Who is an ideal zenGOT Service Provider?

Published June 03, 2017 by zenGOT™ Support

At zenGOT, our goal is to create a community of respectful, skillful, and consistently reliable zenGivers who strive to perform excellent quality service.

The ideal zenGiver values and respects customer property, privacy, and time. zenGivers also value the freedom of running their own business. They appreciate setting their own schedule and hourly rate while doing work they enjoy and have the skillset to complete.


The ideal zenGiver:

  • Keeps their commitments and is meticulous with their time, always arriving on time to each job. (In the very rare circumstance that a zenGiver is running a few minutes late, they use their great communication skills to notify the customer in advance).
  • Communicates with customers and responds in a timely manner.
  • Is friendly and personable on the job while also respecting customers’ privacy. We believe smiles go a long way in keeping people happy.
  • Is “in service” to the customer, never arguing or causing distress to the customer, but instead providing exceptional quality service.
  • Maintains an average 4.5-star rating (or higher) on the zenGOT platform. This average is calculated after your first three bookings have been completed. (Note: zenGivers must have a minimum 3.7-star review to remain on the platform).
  • Completes a minimum of 5 tasks per month.
  • Uses the training programs and views skill development tips provided by zenGOT.
  • Embodies zenGOT’s core values.

Can a business or group operate through zenGOT?

No. zenGOT is a platform between a household and a single individual - the service provider (zenGiver). You can read more about this in the zenGiver Service Provider Agreement.