What Are The Requirements and Expectations of zenGivers?

Published June 03, 2017 by zenGOT™ Support

The requirements to become a zenGiver are as follows.


zenGivers must:

  • be legally eligible to work in Canada.
  • be 18 years of age or older.
  • have a Canadian Social Insurance Number.
  • be able to communicate in English and any other language required by the customer if the zenGiver has indicated their fluency in that language when signing up with zenGOT.
  • have a Canadian bank account to receive payment deposits for work performed.
  • have a current internet browser that works with the zenGOT Platform AND have a smart phone with a current operating system and internet access to download and use the zenGOT app (when available) and manage their bookings.
  • successfully complete a background check before they are eligible to provide services. All zenGOT background checks are conducted through Checkr, a professional third party company accredited by the Background Screening Credentialing Council as recognized by the National Association of Background Screeners.
  • complete the signup form for zenGivers at zengivers.zengot.com.
  • complete a profile page after signing up at zengivers.zengot.com.
  • have a minimum of six (6) months experience providing the Service(s) you wish to provide.
  • have no criminal record and consent to and successfully complete vetting (a criminal background check) before they are eligible to provide services. 
  • View the online orientation.
  • agree to and comply with the zenGOT Service Providers Agreement, Code of Conduct, the Terms of Use Agreement, and the Privacy Policy.
  • be able to travel to and from bookings at their own expense whether by walking, public transit, or using their own car. You are not required to own a vehicle, however, you should not accept any jobs requiring a vehicle if you do not have access to a vehicle you can use for the job.


Once accepted as a zenGiver, the expectations of being a zenGiver are as follows.


zenGivers are expected to:

  • honor their commitments. This includes: arriving on time for bookings, completing the booking with exceptional service, and using the appropriate app features to communicate start and end times of the service.
  • act professionally and respect customers’ property and privacy.
  • know and embody the core values of zenGOT and be a respectful member of the zenGOT community.
  • be polite and agreeable with customers and NOT rude or argumentative, at any time. If you are faced with an unavoidable conflict with a customer, contact the zenGOT Customer Service team immediately. There is zero tolerance for bad behavior; any violation will result in a suspension from the platform.
  • not violate zenGOT’s payment policy.
  • take the initiative to act professionally and stay in constant communication with clients in regards to service details, bookings, and rescheduling.
  • maintain an average 4.5-star rating or higher (this average is not calculated until your first three bookings have been completed). zenGivers will be notified that they are at risk of being suspended from the platform if their rating drops between 4.0 stars and 3.7 stars. Any zenGiver whose rating drops below 3.7 stars will automatically be suspended from the zenGOT platform. Account reactivations are solely at the discretion of the zenGOT team and are only considered upon request from the zenGiver.
  • gain necessary technical and customer service skills using the available training programs and skill development tips, where applicable, as provided by zenGOT.
  • not provide services to a customer outside of the zenGOT platform if the customer has been acquired through the platform. zenGOT reserves the right to take legal action against the zenGiver if this guideline is violated.


Why do you need my personal information?

In order to satisfy the requirements to be a zenGiver, you must successfully complete the verification and vetting processes.  The collection of personal information is necessary to complete this screening. Click here is access zenGOT’s Privacy Policy.