Tax Information

Published June 03, 2017 by zenGOT™ Support

A zenGiver is a self-employed independent contractor providing his/her services through the zenGOT platform to a variety of customers. zenGivers are not employees of zenGOT. As a zenGiver, you are responsible for any and all tax payments that must be made to the government. Payments such as: taxes (personal, GST, or other), Canada Pension Plan (CPP), EI premiums and Workers Compensation are all the sole responsibility of the zenGiver.

As stated in the zenGiver Service Provider Agreement, if zenGOT should ever be required by any governmental authority at any time to pay income tax, GST, CPP, EI premiums, or any other government payments on the zenGiver’s behalf, the zenGiver will reimburse zenGOT for such payments, together with interest and any penalties arising from such assessments.

We recommend you review the Canada Revenue Agency website to understand your GST registration and remittance obligations, if any. We also recommend discussing any of your personal accounting or tax questions with a professional accountant.