Payment Policy

Published June 03, 2017 by zenGOT™ Support

zenGOT is run on a cashless basis. All transactions must be paid for through the zenGOT platform.

The zenGOT platform is a secure platform where all personal information provided to us is protected, encrypted, and kept confidential. No credit card information is stored on the zenGOT site but instead is collected and retained through Braintree, a third party credit card merchant that focuses on providing the technical, fraud prevention, and banking infrastructure required to operate online payment systems. Braintree services some of the largest two-sided marketplace companies in the world.


Payments to zenGivers

  • The payment cutoff date is the end of the day Tuesday each week. 
  • You will be paid for all services performed up until Tuesday (the cut-off day) on Friday each week.
  • All payments to you will be made by direct deposit (electronic funds transfer) into your bank account.
  • Note that the rate you select will be subject to the 25% zenGOT commission for first time customers and the 20% commission for repeat customers.


zenGivers must not do any of the following, which are violations of the Payment Policy and will result in removal from the zenGOT platform:

  • receive payment from zenGOT customers for hours worked outside the platform.
  • invoice hours improperly, by claiming more or fewer hours than worked.
  • charge for more hours than were approved directly by the customer through the platform.
  • share your private contact information with a customer (phone number, email address, or website) particularly with the intent of offering your services directly to the customer outside of the platform.
  • cancel a completed task.
  • any other action that violates or evades the zenGOT payment system.


zenGOT invested hundreds of thousands of dollars and more than two years building our platform and business. Plus we invest ongoing time and resources in marketing the platform to attract customers. Any services performed and paid off of the zenGOT platform are in violation of both the zenGiver Service Provider Agreement and the Terms of Use Agreement entered into by each zenGiver and will result in removal from the zenGOT platform and possible legal action. Additionally, you may be charged a $2,000 Finders Fee for each customer.