What Do I Do Once I Have Accepted A Booking?

Published September 20, 2018 by zenGOT™ Support

Messaging and contacting the customer - App and Desktop

The zenGOT Messenger can be located in the Bookings section of your logged in app or desktop account where there is a button to Message with each of your clients. The button is located underneath the customer’s name on their booking card. 


zenGOT Message Customer


zenGOT Contact Customer with App



Message Customer


Once you start chatting with the customer, please stay in contact with them (including replying to them as soon as possible with any chat messages they send to you) until the booking has been completed.

Confirming details

When messaging your customer, you will want to ask if they have any more details they would like to relay about the service. Now is a great time to clarify supplies and tools that will be required, the apartment number if it has not been entered yet, and the plan for entering the property. To avoid any issues during the booking, do your best to have as much of the details sorted out as possible in advance.


Preparing for the service

Once you have all the details ironed out with the customer, you will want to prepare your supplies and tools for the booking. Check to make sure your tools and equipment are working and note any supplies you will need to top-up or grab before the day of the service.


Check your travel time. It is recommended you check once the request comes in (to see estimated travel time) and again the morning of the service (to see actual time with current traffic).


Plan to arrive five minutes before the start of the booking and make sure you have all of your supplies and tools before you leave.


Best practices

It’s better to bring too many tools and supplies, just in case you find you’ll need them or the customer asks you for additional support.


Assume an extra five minutes for unexpected delays when you are heading to the booking. It’s better to be ten minutes early than right on time or late.


Many customers have only estimated the number of hours needed and may not know if they have accurately estimated the number of hours. It is a good idea to clarify with them what the full extent of the booking will be and if they will have additional tasks for you if you finish early. If they won’t have any additional tasks you can suggest using the reschedule button to do fewer hours; it is easier for either of you to add more time to a booking with your logged in account than to arrange for a retraction of hours after the fact.