Setting a Customized Work Schedule

Published November 30, 2017 by zenGOT™ Support



Step 1: Underneath the banner image, click the option to "Edit Profile".


Select Edit Profile 



Step 2: Here you can either add a shift to a day or add multiple shifts to a day (up to two max) as long as they don't cross over hours.


Set hours for shifts 



Step 3: Here you can select which day you want to add a shift to, the start time and the end time. Click "Add Work Shift" to add it to that selected day.


Select day and hours 



Step 4: Now you will see your changes underneath the selected days you wish to work. To the right of the days, you can always change the hours you work or remove it completely from your schedule.


Edit or remove hours 


Step 5: Just below setting your work availability you have the option to select days at which you may need to book off. To avoid receiving bookings in conflict with busy days and travel plans/time off, it is best to update this regularly.


Set time off/away