How Do I Accept Available Tasks?

Published September 17, 2018 by zenGOT™ Support

You can accept tasks via three different channels: SMS text notification, email notification, or in your logged in account.


SMS Text Notification

For a direct request notification, you will be able to use SMS text functions to respond to the booking (you do not have to log into your account). Type in “#ACCEPT” to accept the booking or “#UNAVAILABLE” to decline the booking (refer to the Code of Conduct before doing so).


Accepting bookings by text


If you receive an SMS text notification for an instant request, you will have to click the link to review the full details of the booking and access the “Accept” button. Note that you are not required to accept all instant requests; simply ignore these notifications if you are not able to accept the booking. Also, note that instant requests notify all zenGivers in your area and can be accepted extremely quickly. You will want to make sure you understand the full details of the booking, however, do your best to respond to these quickly if you are interested in the job.


Instant request text notification


When a zenGiver accepts a task, they are making a commitment to their customer to complete it, and provide exceptional service.


Email Notification

You will receive an email notification when a direct request is submitted to you or instant request is submitted. Simply click the purple “Accept Booking” button and you will be sent to a webpage where you can see the full details of the booking and click the “Accept” button.


zenGiver Email Notification of booking


From Your Account

You can view and accept bookings from your logged in account under the “Bookings” tab or the “Instant Service Bookings” tab. You will see a booking card with the details of the service being requested and the buttons to respond to the booking.


How to accept zenGOT bookings


When a zenGiver accepts a task, they are making a commitment to their customer to complete it, and provide exceptional service.


Once you have accepted a task:

  1. Use the zenGOT chat function to message the customer and confirm the details of the job. For example, you can confirm the time, location, and scope of the work; determine if you need to bring any special tools or equipment; and find out if there are any other details you need to know before arriving at the job.
  2. Once you have communicated with the customer and fully understand the task, confirm that you have the ability and equipment necessary to successfully complete the task. If not, you will need to notify the customer that you do not have the expertise or tools to complete the task and ask that they kindly book with another zenGiver.