Customize Your zenGiver Services

Published November 30, 2017 by zenGOT™ Support



Step 1: Underneath the banner image, click the option to "Edit Profile".


Select Edit 



Step 2: To change, add or delete your current services select the "+Add/Delete Areas of service" button.


Add Service Button 



Step 3: Simply click on any to change, add, or remove that service.


Select The Service Category 



Step 4: Fill out the pop-up by selecting your experience level, writing a description of your experience, selecting your rate, adding any sub-category services, and confirming any tools or supplies that are necessary or that adjust the nature of the service being offered. 

**NOTE: Please account for the zenGOT Service Fee when setting your rates. zenGOT will retain 25% of your rate for first time customers and 20% of your rate for any recurring work with customers. This is applicable for Instant Service Requests and Direct Booking Requests.


Enter detailed information on service 



Step 5: Click the "Save" button to save your changes.


Confirm Service Changes



Edit a service: You can jump straight to the edit pop-up by using the edit button below a currently active service.


Edit a service



Delete a service: You can easily remove a service offering by clicking the garbage can icon underneath the service name. 


Delete a service