Adding Gallery Images

Published November 30, 2017 by zenGOT™ Support


Step 1: Underneath the banner image, click the option to "Edit Profile".


Edit banner



Step 2: Click anywhere on the current image to make a change.


Click image to change 



Step 3: Either select "Upload your own image" to choose a picture from your personal device OR select "Select a banner image from zenGOT" for images provided by us.


Upload an image 



Step 4 (if using zenGOT's images): Here you can select from a number of images we have that may pertain to the service you provide. Once an image is chosen click "Select Image".


Select an image (zengot) 



Step 4a (if using your own images): Here you can select from your own device an image you wish to use. First, find where you are storing the desired image on your device. Second, select the image you wish to use. Third, select "Open" to use the desired photo.


Select a personal image 




Step 4b (if using your own images, continued): Here you can edit your own image so that it represents and is displayed the way you want. At the bottom of the image, there are resizing and movement tools to better fit your photo.


Edit personal image 




Step 5: After you have chosen an image(s), you will see them below the currently selected image. Make sure all of the images you want are being displayed here. 


Edit your banner image 



Step 6: Finally, if you are happy with your changes you have the option to set the main image - the initial image displayed to your customers. Simply choose the image from your list below and click on the image. Once it is displayed in the large box you can click "Select as Main Image" to set this as the initial image to be displayed. Also, you may remove an image in the same fashion.


 Set an initial image