zenGiver Arrival: What To Expect and Things To Know

Published September 08, 2018 by zenGOT™ Support

zenGivers receive reminder notifications about services 48 hours prior, 24 hours prior and on the day of a booking. Please make sure to communicate any specific requests ahead of time (including parking suggestions and how to enter the premises).


Once your zenGiver arrives, they will introduce themselves and you will have an opportunity to confirm the service with them and speak with them about any specifics if needed. Your zenGiver will check in on their mobile device and will commence with the service. If at any time you want to provide more details or discuss the progress of the service, feel free to connect with the zenGiver; they are ready to help!


My zenGiver has not arrived yet and the designated start time has passed:

If your zenGiver has not arrived five minutes after the designated start time, please message them and confirm they are on their way.


If you do not hear from them within the first 30 minutes of the start time, you can login to your account and designate the zenGiver as a “No Show” using the “No Show” button (this will notify support and they will begin following-up). A no-show is entirely unacceptable and results in a zenGiver’s removal from the platform. We apologize in advance if this occurs: we take thorough measures to avoid no-shows from occurring. Our support staff will connect with you to identify solutions.


What if I’m not going to be home when the zenGiver gets there?

No problem. You can give your zenGiver instructions to safely enter your home and secure it on his/her way out. Our zenGivers are used to providing services while customers are remote - they take great care to ensure the safety and security of your property.


What do I do if the weather prevents the service from taking place?

Your zenGiver will let you know if they think that the service should not take place due to extenuating circumstances. You can request the booking be rescheduled using the "Reschedule" button in your account (see picture below). If this occurs within 24 hours of the booking’s start time, please Contact Us with the date and time that you and the zenGiver would like to reschedule to.


Reschedule zenGOT service