What Is My Role During The Service As A Customer?

Published September 11, 2018 by zenGOT™ Support

We ask that you remain respectful to our amazing zenGivers and suggest responding to any questions your zenGiver may have, related to the service, which may improve your experience. Beyond that, sit back, relax and enjoy your freed up time! You are not required to supervise the zenGiver, assist the zenGiver or check-in on the zenGiver unless you so choose or if it was discussed beforehand.


Note: at no point should you and the zenGiver exchange cash for any reason. For more information about tipping click here and for more information about zenGiver paid expenses and reimbursement click here. If the zenGiver asks for cash for any reason, please kindly refuse and contact our support center if you need assistance.


All payments for services provided by any zenGiver found via the zenGOT platform must be paid for through the zenGOT platform. Asking zenGivers to provide services off of the platform will result in a $2000 finder's fee and may result in legal action, as agreed to by you when entering into our Terms of Use Agreement.