What Are The zenGiver's Responsibilities and Expectations?

Published September 08, 2018 by zenGOT™ Support

The zenGiver is responsible for:

  • Making sure they are able to enter the premises and start their work on time
  • Making sure they have all the details of the service they are providing
  • Transporting themselves to the service
  • Bringing any supplies or equipment required to complete the service
  • Checking in and checking out of the service
  • Providing the service


zenGivers are not expected to do: anything outside of the service category requested (unless discussed ahead of time and subject to their approval), take care of dependents, or to perform an illegal activity.


If you require a zenGiver to pick up specific supplies that would be necessary to complete the service (ex. groceries, dry cleaning) - you can ask them to pick these up ahead of their arrival to the location or they can arrive at the location first and then leave to make purchases. Note that any travel required for a pick-up or purchase is eligible to take place under the service time that has been booked (the time spent purchasing items is a paid task).