I Need My zenGiver To Make A Purchase, How Do I Reimburse Them?

Published September 08, 2018 by zenGOT™ Support

We have a handy expense feature which allows a zenGiver to include an expense in your booking. Your zenGiver can upload a photo of the receipt, description of the items and the total cost (maximum $150). If approved, this will be included on your invoice and the zenGiver will be reimbursed. This allows us to keep your service entirely cashless and secure.


Customer Expense View


You can include purchase requests in your booking details on the order form OR message your zenGiver after booking. The zenGiver will be able to make the purchase on their way to the service or can leave the service to make the purchase depending on what you agree upon. After the purchase, the zenGiver will upload the expense and it will be approved by zenGOT staff. If you need to appeal the decision to accept or reject the expense, please Contact zenGOT.