I Can't Log Into My Account

Published September 22, 2018 by zenGOT™ Support

Note that Internet Explorer is known to be incompatible with the zenGOT website. Please try using a different browser; visit THIS article to learn more.


IF YOU ARE HAVING TECHNICAL DIFFICULTIES PRIOR TO A BOOKING, YOU ARE STILL EXPECTED TO CONTINUE WITH THE SERVICE AS PER THE CONTRACT YOU AGREED TO WITH THE CUSTOMER. If you are having trouble getting in touch with the customer on an ASAP booking to specify a start time, please Contact Us for assistance. At any time, please let us know that you are having technical difficulties and we will do our best to help you get them resolved prior to the booking. We can always make necessary adjustments to a booking after the service has taken place.


Please make sure that you are logging into the zenGiver sign in page and not the customer sign in or the "Become a zenGiver" sign up: use this page here https://www.zengot.com/zengiver/login. It is recommended that you bookmark this page and if you are comfortable doing so, using your browser's auto-fill feature to make it quick and easy to get into your account.


If you are using the correct form on a modern browser: 

Make sure that you are using the correct email to log in. The email you registered with and receive your zenGOT notifications to is your login email address. 

Use the "Forgot Password?" button in the bottom left to change your password if you are continuing to have trouble logging in. 


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