General FAQ

Published September 15, 2018 by zenGOT™ Support

Does the zenGiver see my phone number, email or address?

Your personal information is masked through software and not visible to the zenGiver with the exception of your address (if this is where the service is to be performed).  The address of the service request will be visible, as soon as you submit the request, to the zenGiver or zenGivers that you issue the request to (this would include all zenGivers in your region if you book with an instant service request).


What if I’m not going to be home?

No problem. You can give your zenGiver instructions to safely enter your home and secure it on his/her way out. Our zenGivers are used to providing services while customers are remote - they take great care to ensure the safety and security of your property.


Is it safe and secure?

Yes. We take your safety and security seriously. All zenGOT service providers are fully vetted and background checked professionals. We interview all service providers and carefully discern who is allowed to provide services on the zenGOT platform. In addition, the payment information that you provide to zenGOT is kept safe and secure and you’re only charged after the service has been confirmed completed. You can read more about our privacy policy here.


Are zenGivers screened and background checked?

Yes.  When registering, all zenGivers are required to verify their email, cell phone number and a social media account. They are also subject to a background check through Certn and Checkr, third-party background check companies, to ensure they are suitable to provide services on the platform and do not have a criminal record.  All zenGivers must remain suitable and with no criminal record to remain on the platform. Once zenGivers have successfully passed this verification and vetting process, they are screened for alignment with zenGOT core values in a video interview with a zenGOT representative.


What quality of service can I expect when purchasing services through zenGOT?

Exceptional service is a core value at zenGOT . We have high standards that are shared with our zenGivers and we use reviews and ratings to evaluate the adherence to our standards.  zenGiver’s with average ratings that fall below 3.7 out of 5 are removed from the platform.  At zenGOT we offer our customers peace of mind which means that if you are ever dissatisfied with the level of service you receive, our zenGivers are prepared to help make it right and we are available to make sure you are satisfied.

How does the platform work?

Please view our How it Works page to learn more about the zenGOT process.


My zenGiver says they can’t do the service.

Sometimes the fit just isn’t right and an adjustment has to be made. Not all zenGivers have the same abilities or equipment and in these cases, we recommend booking with a different zenGiver. This can easily be done in your logged in account on the bookings tab with the “Choose New zenGiver” button. This button will generate a list of zenGivers whose availability and work areas match that of your booking. You can then review their descriptions, view their photos and check out their ratings and reviews. If you like what you see, click the “Order Services” button and the booking will remove your previous zenGiver and create a new request to this zenGiver. Your new zenGiver will have 6 hours to accept the booking and if they do not accept the booking in time, the booking will expire. In this case, you may want to try an instant service request using the order pages here.