What Are Direct Requests And What Are Their Unique Requirements?

Published September 20, 2018 by zenGOT™ Support

What is a direct request?

A direct request is when a customer chooses to select a specific zenGiver for their service request. When they fill our their service request form, the location, date, and time will automatically adjust the list of zenGivers they can select from based on the zenGiver’s chosen availability and work areas. Unlike instant requests, direct requests are booked using the zenGiver's chosen rates on their profile.


This type of request is, therefore, an introduction to the relationship you and your customer are starting which is why zenGOT has created a Code of Conduct. Within this code are response expectations for your direct requests; the overall intention is that you have your profile correctly updated so that you can accept all direct requests.


When you receive a direct request, you have 6 hours to respond. If you cannot accept for the time and day that the customer has requested, login to your account request a reschedule from the bookings tab. If you can’t agree on a reschedule or you are just not a good fit for the booking (i.e. skills or tools) then you will want to decline the request. You can do this by responding to the text notification with #UNAVAILABLE or you can log in to your account and use the “Decline” button on the bookings tab.


How do I accept a direct request? - App, Email and Desktop

You will receive notification of a direct request by push notification from the app and by email. In the email notification, there will be a link to access the details of the booking and the “Accept” button. Simply click the “Accept” button and you are on your way!

The app notification can be clicked and you will be directed into the app to view the booking details and the response buttons.

Direct App Notification


Once clicked, you will see the booking details and the buttons to respond with:


zenGOT Accept Appointment


Email Notification

You will receive an email notification when a direct request is submitted to you or instant request is submitted. Simply click the purple “Accept Booking” button and you will be sent to a webpage where you can see the full details of the booking and click the “Accept” button.

Direct Email Notification


From Your Account

You can view and accept bookings from your logged in account under the “Bookings” tab or the “Instant Service Bookings” tab. You will see a booking card with the details of the service being requested and the buttons to respond to the booking.

Booking Tabs


When a zenGiver accepts a task, they are making a commitment to their customer to complete it, and provide exceptional service.


Once you have accepted a task:

  1. Use the zenGOT chat function to message the customer and confirm the details of the job. For example, you can confirm the time, location, and scope of the work; determine if you need to bring any special tools or equipment; and find out if there are any other details you need to know before arriving at the job.
  2. Once you have communicated with the customer and fully understand the task, confirm that you have the ability and equipment necessary to successfully complete the task. If not, you will need to notify the customer that you do not have the expertise or tools to complete the task and ask that they kindly book with another zenGiver.


Expectations around direct requests

Please view the Code of Conduct to note the expectations around direct requests. Make sure that your profile is up to date so that you can respond most effectively to the direct requests that come our way. You will want to make sure that your notifications are turned on and arriving in your email and text so that you can respond in the six-hour window. If you work another job, take a quick minute on your break to check your phone/email and see if any requests came in.


Instant vs direct requests: A Comparison



Instant Request

Direct Request

 Who sees and can accept the request?

 All zenGivers

 Just You

 Response window

 As little as a minute

 Six hours

 Response expectations


 Accept or reschedule


 Flat for all zenGivers

 Chosen by you


 Anywhere in your region

 Chosen by you

 How to edit

 “My Account”, “Notifications”

 “Profile”, “Edit Profile”

 Customer booking method

 Service form only

 Views profiles

 Customer intention (generally)

 Convenience, quick, introductory

 Ongoing/frequent services, rates, more personal

 Volume of all bookings made