Safety and Security

Published June 03, 2017 by zenGOT™ Support

At zenGOT we are always working to ensure both customers and zenGivers feel safe and have an amazing experience using the platform. Here are some ways to keep you and your customer safe, while providing a great experience:

  • Use safety equipment, such as gloves, goggles, helmets etc., in all instances where a reasonable worker would use such items for safety purposes.
  • If a service cannot be completed due to safety reasons or lack of skills, you should contact zenGiver Support at immediately. Then,
    • if another zenGiver can complete the task, zenGiver Support will work together with you to find a zenGiver with the appropriate skills.
    • if a more experienced professional should complete the task, politely explain the reasons to the customer.
  • If damage occurs while completing a task:
    • remain calm and professional at all times.
    • take pictures of the damage using your mobile device and save any documentation from the event. We recommend including any and all documentation in the chat thread with the customer. You should also document any agreements or resolutions regarding the situation in the chat function (relating to the booking) on the zenGOT platform.
  • Although you have provided us with your telephone number and email address which will allow for communications between you and the customer, at no time will we share this information with customers. zenGOT uses Twilio technology to allow you and your customers to communicate either via chat, phone or text without your personal contact information (your phone number or email address) or the customer's phone number or email address being shown to the other party. Both your personal information and the customer's personal information are hidden. Also, your full name is never given out to a customer but instead your name is displayed on our website with your first name and first initial of your last name.
  • zenGivers must not exchange personal contact information with customers. You should communicate using the zenGOT chat function, to maintain your privacy and the customer’s privacy. The chat function should also be used to document any important information (for example, damages, reimbursements, etc.)
  • If you will be offering Services that involve the use of a motor vehicle wherein you will be transporting goods or individuals in performance of the Services, please note that zenGOT will not have any liability arising from your operation of a motor vehicle. Also, you must maintain adequate insurance coverage, and you will need to be verified on the zenGOT Platform to drive for Services. Additionally, you must maintain an acceptable driver’s history with no major violations. zenGOT requirements for offering Services that involve driving include, without limitation, the following:
    • You must have owned and non-owned vehicle liability insurance with a minimum $2 Million liability coverage, or such other amount required by law (whichever is greater).
    • Your insurance policy must allow you to use the vehicle for business use.
    • You must be able to safely and lawfully maneuver a motor vehicle.
    • You have not received more than three minor driving citations in the past two years.
    • You have not perpetrated any major criminal driving violations in any situations or caused major harm or loss to any individual or property.
    • You have never had a suspended driver’s license at any time.
    • You have been a licensed driver for a minimum of two years.
    • You have been verified on the zenGOT Platform to drive for Services.
    • You have uploaded current and valid drivers’ license and vehicle insurance documents to the zenGOT Platform.
  • If a customer requests that you purchase goods on their behalf, confirm the cost with them and then submit the receipts for each item using our expense feature. 
  • If at any point you feel unsafe while completing a task, please safely remove yourself from the situation, call the authorities if necessary, and notify zenGiver Support at at the safest moment possible.