What Are Some Important Things To Know And Common Issues?

Published September 15, 2018 by zenGOT™ Support

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Technical Issues:

If you are having technical issues that do not result in specific error notification, try refreshing the page, updating your browser/device, switching to a different browser/device (Chrome and Firefox work best), or try clearing your history and cache. If you do not know how to do these, you can do a quick web search and there are plenty of third-party resources to assist you.


I keep getting an error saying that my address is incorrect.

This field is tied to the location functions of the platform and must be completed by selecting an address from the drop-down. Start by entering your address without your unit number (if any) and select the appropriate address from the drop-down menu.


I am part way through my application but need to leave/take a break, will my information be saved?

Yes. When you return, log in using the “Sign In” button at the top of any of the zenGOT web pages and using the email and password that you started your registration with.


I don’t have a smartphone, am I able to continue passed this question on the application?

You must be able to access the zenGOT website while you are at a customer’s home. If you do not have web access on the go, you can either acquire this prior to registration or, unfortunately, we will not be able to bring you onto the platform. We want you to have a great experience using the platform so we require a minimum standard of web access to make sure this can happen.


I am not 18, can I continue with parental consent?

No. We are unable to have underage persons on the platform at any time for legal and security reasons. We appreciate your enthusiasm and please keep us in mind for when you are of age.


Where are your locations / can I apply in person?

We are an online platform and do all of our communications, registrations and bookings through our website. All of the materials and processes that you will need to provide services through the platform are available through your account as a zenGiver.


How much work will there be?

The volume of jobs available depends on your work areas, rates and availability.


You can view our Locations page to see the status of your city - “coming soon”, “onboarding” (building a base of providers required for the first wave of jobs to all be successful), or “live”. If you are in a “coming soon” or “onboarding” city, please be patient; jobs are on their way but are not coming in quite yet. How long will it take? It depends and we won’t be able to give you an accurate estimate in most cases. Things you can do in the meantime: share your profile with friends, family and social media (Click here for how to do this) and/or refer other zenGivers to join our zenGiver referral program (Click here for more).


Can I bring a partner or family member to a booking?

No. This is part of the contract that you agree to with each customer you do services for: you and you alone will be arriving at the premises at the designated time for the service requested. Group profiles may be integrated into the platform at a later date, but until this time, you must attend all bookings alone. If you have any concerns about safety and security, you can read more on the Safety Procedure page.


What if I can’t do some or all of the service being requested?

Please let the customer know. It is possible that they may adjust the request or that they will select a different zenGiver. They can do this from their profile on the bookings tab. Do not attempt to do a service that you are not completely comfortable in providing. This will lead to poor ratings and even loss of earnings depending on the severity.


Can a business or group operate through zenGOT™?

No. zenGOT is a platform between a household and a single individual - the service provider (zenGiver). You can read more about this in the Service Provider Agreement.


What is a new zenGiver?

The ‘new’ status indicates that the zenGiver has not yet completed 3 services and as such, will have limited or no reviews and ratings in zenGOT.  Once the zenGiver has successfully completed 3 services, the status will be changed to ‘zenGiver’.


Can I use a background check that was conducted by me or another institution?

No, our system is directly tied to our background check partner and it is both a security and legal measure for us to conduct our own through the company that we have set up for this.


My zenGiver registration was declined due to my background check, can I still operate through zenGOT™?

No.  Participation in the zenGOT platform requires all zenGivers to successfully complete all verification, vetting and screening, which includes passing the background check.


What if I feel uncomfortable or unsafe at a service?

If you feel any threats to your personal safety, please remove yourself from the situation and contact the police if necessary. Afterwards, please report it to zenGOT so we can help make sure everything is alright. Please review to our contact page to connect with zenGOT’s support staff.

If the customer is behaving inappropriately or there is something in their home that is making you feel uncomfortable, please contact zenGOT so we can help you deal with the situation


Am I a zenGOT employee?
No.  You are a self-employed service provider who enters into an agreement to join the zenGOT platform.  You do not receive any benefits and you are responsible to cover your business expenses, your government required payments (including income tax, GST and CPP) and maintaining adequate health insurance and worker’s compensation coverage (if applicable).


I was declined registration for a reason that is not related to my background check, can I still operate through zenGOT?

No. Participation in the zenGOT platform requires all zenGivers to successfully complete all verification, vetting and screening.


Am I required to have insurance?

While it is not a requirement mandated and guaranteed by zenGOT, it is highly recommended that you acquire additional insurance while providing services on the zenGOT platform especially if you are providing more labour intensive services like yard work, snow removal, handy work, and cleaning. Were something to go wrong at a service you rendered, as an independent contractor, you could be held liable for reparations. Customers also see an insured zenGiver as an advantage and will note that you are bonded if you include this in your description.


How do you market your services?

We market the whole platform in most cases and then we target under-utilized services with social media and special discounts. We do this through print, guerrilla, digital, events and video advertising across a wide range of platforms. We are always looking to improve and refine our marketing campaigns to create a better experience for everyone. If you want to get involved, please let us know by email at zengivers@zengot.com and you may want to review this article.


What if I don’t have any experience in a service category but want to provide it anyway or learn how to provide the service?

Please don’t select this service as an offering with your account. We do not provide training and customers expect quality service results when they order. If you are unable or unsuccessful in completing a service, this impacts your overall rating, your earnings, and could lead to removal from the platform. If you are keen on learning, we encourage you to first visit one of our sister sites FabJob.com and IAP College to boost your skills and comfortability in providing that service.