Vetting: Personal Verification

Published November 30, 2017 by zenGOT™ Support


Step 1: Log in to your account and navigate to the "Vetting" menu item.


zenGOT Select vetting process



Step 2: Input the primary mobile phone number you would use while providing services on our platform in the text box. Shortly thereafter, you will be sent a 7-digit code via text message (SMS).


zenGOT Enter mobile number



Step 3: Once you receive the 7-digit code on your mobile phone, you must enter it in the text box provided. If the code doesn't work or if it did not send initially you may choose to have us resend the code again. If there are further issues, ensure you have entered the correct number by clicking "Change phone number" to go back to the previous step.


zenGOT Enter 7-digit SMS code



Step 4: Once your mobile number has been verified, you will go on to have a social media account associated with your profile. We have Facebook and LinkedIn as our two means of social media verification. If you choose to do so, go to either of your profile pages on one of the respected sites and copy the URL address into the provided text box. If you have neither of the requested social media, you have the option to skip it.


*Note: The URL address to your profile page will be represented in your browser, simply copy and paste this to avoid any typing errors


zenGOT Verify social media



Great, you are all done! You will be sent to the overview of the background check process which is done by your interviewer after your interview.