Guide To The Application

Published September 16, 2018 by zenGOT™ Support

Common Issues

The form won’t accept my address:

This field is tied to the location functions of the platform and must be completed by selecting an address from the drop-down. Start by entering your address without your unit number (if any) and select the appropriate address from the drop-down menu.


I can’t select a box or there’s no pop-up:

Try refreshing the page, using a different device or browser (you can log in using the sign in page to pick up where you left off), and clear your cache and cookies. Usually, this is a browser incompatibility or server timeout error which are fixed with a simple reset like the ones above.


What if I don’t have any experience in a service category but want to provide it anyway or learn how to provide the service?

Please don’t select this service as an offering with your account. We do not provide training and customers expect quality service results when they order. If you are unable or unsuccessful in completing a service, this impacts your overall rating, your earnings, and could lead to removal from the platform. If you are keen on learning, we encourage you to first visit one of our sister sites and IAP College to boost your skills and comfortability in providing that service.


I don’t have access to a vehicle or do not want to use mine, am I able to finish my application without submitting vehicle documents?

Yes. Step 5 of the application, “Vehicle”, allows you to include vehicle documents if you so choose and will update your profile with the applicable icon (your documents will be kept private and are strictly used for administrative purposes). This vehicle icon will be visible to customers so that they can determine the best zenGiver to complete a task if the service may require a vehicle to be used.


Steps to Become a zenGiver and Sign Up Page

  1. Sign up as a zenGiver - this is your application and profile creation.
  2. Customize Your Profile Page - add more flair and adjust your time-off schedule.
  3. Complete an Orientation - a series of videos and quiz style questions which can take between 25 and 40 minutes to complete. Note that cleaners must also watch additional videos and take a short quiz as part of their Training orientation.
  4. Complete a Brief Meet and Greet Interview - a 25-minute video conference with a zenGOT representative where you can ask questions and review important items.
  5. Complete Your Vetting - personal verification and a background check. Note that your background check is completed by your interviewer after the interview in step 4.


After reviewing the registration steps, you will be sent to the Sign Up page. Here you can enter your name, email address and password which you will be using for your login and profile. Take a read through the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy and agree to both. Hit submit when you are ready.


Application: Personal (Part 1)

Once you have signed up, you will enter your application. Note that at any time you can leave or close the page and use the Sign In button at the top of any zenGOT webpage to continue where you left off.


Step 1 is to enter your personal information. Start typing your address and select from the drop-down (note: this field will not be accepted unless you select from the drop-down). This will auto-fill your Country, Province/State, and City. Enter your postal code/zip and the phone number you would like to receive notifications to. Finally, enter a description of your skills, experience and style.


Click the “Upload Photo” circle to open up your device’s files and select a headshot. Your profile photo should have your head and shoulders in the frame, eyes visible, and smiling. If you don’t have a good photo to choose from, use your smartphone to take an arm’s length photo of yourself. Once you have uploaded the photo, you can use the blue buttons underneath to rotate, flip horizontally, or flip vertically if the photo did not upload as intended. Hit next when you are done this section.

zenGOT Application Contact Info


Application: Services (Part 2)

You can select the service you will be providing on the zenGOT platform here. Click the picture or title of the service and a pop-up will ask you for more details.

zenGOT Application Service Selection


Select your experience level and type in a description of your experience in the text box. Choose your rates by typing or using the arrows (note: zenGOT takes a 25% commission for your first time customers and 20% for your repeat customers - you may want to account for this when choosing your rates); you can also select sub-services that you would also like to be included in your offerings as well. Some services have additional questions regarding supplies: if you do not have the supplies, do not include this service with your account until you have acquired the supplies. Please note that having additional or more advanced tools or supplies can give you an advantage in acquiring bookings (feel free to note these tools/supplies in your experience text box).

Application - Service Details


Application: Availability (Part 3)

Here you can select your days and hours of availability. The days and hours that you select will automatically adjust the listings when a customer is booking a direct request so that your profile will only show up if it is compatible to the date and time being requested by the customer. Note that subject to the Code of Conduct, you must select times and days that allow you to accept all direct bookings that are requested of you. You will be able to update these regularly so that you can adjust to any events and adjustments to your schedule.

zenGOT Application Availability


For days that you may need to book off for events, travel, personal days, etc., you can use the time-off calendar in your profile.


Application: Work Areas (Part 4)

Here you can select the communities and areas that you would like to accept direct bookings in. Along with your availability, it is expected that you accept all direct bookings as per the Code of Conduct so please carefully select areas that will work for your assumed travel costs.


Note that you will be able to draw your work areas in your profile after you have completed your application. This tool can be a great option for identifying your exact work area and allowing you to select part of a region instead of the full jurisdiction.

zenGOT Application Work Areas


Application: Vehicle (Part 5)

This part allows you to include vehicle documents if you so choose and will update your profile with the applicable icon (your documents will be kept private and are strictly used for administrative purposes). This vehicle icon will be visible to customers so that they can determine the best zenGiver to complete a task if it may require a vehicle.


Select “Yes” or “No” to the two questions and, if you select “Yes” for both, a drop-down will show allowing you to submit a copy of your license and insurance. You will have to select the expiry dates as well.

zenGOT Application Vehicle Documents


If you plan to provide services driving individuals or items around, you are required to have your own car insurance with a minimum of $2 Million liability insurance. In this regard, you must have owned and non-owned vehicle liability insurance with a minimum of $2 Million in liability insurance coverage. Plus, you must have a policy that allows you to use your vehicle for business use. Please upload a copy of your Driver's License and Insurance confirming this. Please note that your personal documents will not be shared with others on the platform and are strictly for verification by our head office. Also, although you will be submitting your documents to zenGOT, you are fully responsible for ensuring that you have adequate insurance coverage and we therefore strongly recommend that you check with your insurance broker to ensure that your insurance is adequate for providing zenGiver services.


Application: Code of Conduct (Part 6)

Please read through the zenGOT Code of Conduct and acknowledge that you have read each statement using the check boxes. Please take your time with this section as it includes important information.


zenGOT Application Code of Conduct


Application: Additional (Step 7)

This part has a handful of simple drop-downs, yes or no selections and check boxes to confirm select documents have been reviewed. Here are a couple points to note:

  • You are legally allowed to work in Canada if you have the correct visa or if you are a permanent resident. Please confirm if you a legally eligible to work in Canada with your immigration representative and note that zenGOT employees are not equipped to help determine if you are eligible to work in Canada.
  • You must be 18 years or older to join the zenGOT platform as a zenGiver. This is for security and legal reasons.
  • If you have a criminal record, that does not necessarily mean that your application will be rejected; we review every flagged background check on a case-by-case basis.
  • You must have access to mobile data while you are out at service requests so you are required to have a smartphone to be a zenGiver.
  • Please review the documents carefully and take your time reviewing the Service Provider Agreement.


zenGOT Application Additional Information


Application: Completed (Part 8)

Great job! You are done your application. You will be automatically sent to the interview selection page which you can read about here. You will also receive an automatic email to verify your email address. This is sometimes overlooked and can create delays in your registration so please remember to do this step. Note that you will need to verify your email before you can continue with the other steps of your registration. This is also a great opportunity to add zenGOT to your email’s safe senders list to make sure that all notifications arrive in your inbox (if you are not sure how to do this, do a web search for “[your email client's name] add safe sender”).


zenGOT Application Verify Email