How Do I Make Adjustments To My Booking Such As: Reschedule, Details Changes, zenGiver Change, Payment Method Change, Etc.

Published September 08, 2018 by zenGOT™ Support

You can easily make most adjustments to your booking in your account under the Bookings tab. From the applicable booking card, you will be able to see buttons to edit location, “Message” the zenGiver, “Change Payment Method”, “Choose New zenGiver”, “Reschedule”, and “Cancel Service”. If you are booking a frequent service, you will also see an “Update” button beside the service details that will allow you to update your service notes for the zenGiver.


Note: it is recommended that you also message your zenGiver before making any changes.


Edit Location: This button will give you a pop-up where you can enter in a new or updated address for your service. You must select your address from the drop-down that appears when you start typing. Do not include your unit number here (you can identify that in your message to your zenGiver or by adding it to the booking details).

zenGOT Elder Assistance Address Edit

Message: This button will open up the messaging interface which you can use to message or call the zenGiver. This function will not change any of the details of the booking.

zenGOT Dog Walking Message Button

Change Payment Method: This button will provide a pop-up allowing you to add or choose a new payment method.

zenGOT Snow Removal Payment Change Button

Choose a New zenGiver: This option will provide a pop-up of other zenGivers that are available to service your request. You can view their rates, profiles and descriptions and select a new zenGiver using the “Request Service Now” button. Sort by rates, ratings or recommended zenGivers using the drop-down underneath the booking details. This will replace the zenGiver on the booking and update the totals if there is a difference between hourly rates. This is a great way to quickly switch to another zenGiver if you find that the current zenGiver is not a good fit. Your new zenGiver will have 6 business hours (between 8AM - 8PM) to accept the booking - you will be notified when they accept or if the request expires.

zenGOT Move Out Clean Change zenGiver Button

Reschedule: This button will provide a pop-up where you can request a new day, time and/or duration of your service. Use the calendar and drop-down menus to select these options. Note: this is a request and must be agreed to by the zenGiver - we recommend messaging them ahead of time to sort through these details.

zenGOT Reschedule Service Button

My reschedule button will not let me reschedule or I am unable to select a new zenGiver for my active booking:

This is likely due to the booking taking place in the next 24 hours. Please message your zenGiver and confirm that they are able to reschedule. You will have to Contact Us and an admin will have to reschedule the booking for you.


Cancel Service: This button will provide a pop-up confirming you want to cancel the service. You will also be notified if you will be subject to any cancellation fees. Please review our Cancellation Policy prior to cancelling a booking. Confirming your cancellation will commence the closing of the booking card, however, you can continue messaging the zenGiver for up to 48 hours after.

zenGOT On-demand Services Cancel Button

Update (service details): This feature is available for recurring services and will provide a pop-up allowing you to edit the current details or add to them. Click the green “Update” button when you are done.