What Is A Direct Service Request?

Published September 08, 2018 by zenGOT™ Support

A direct service request is when you select a specific zenGiver to complete your service. When you make a direct request, the zenGiver you’ve selected will respond to your job by accepting (or declining, if the job is outside her/his scope). Our online forms automatically adjust which zenGivers you can book based on their days and hours of availability and their chosen work areas. You can direct book zenGivers a number of ways:


  • Select your desired service from the zenGOT homepage, fill out the order form and at the bottom of the form select the option: Click here if you would like to select your zenGiver. A list of available zenGivers will be displayed for you to choose from. You can choose to view their profile or continue with the request using the buttons provided.



zenGOT Direct Request                 zenGOT Choose Provider App



zenGOT Errand Runner Booking Form


  • You can find zenGivers’ profiles on the Explore zenGivers page by selecting your desired service and browsing available zenGivers OR by searching for a specific zenGiver’s name in the search bar. You can direct book a specific zenGiver from their profile page by selecting Book this zenGiver.


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We ask our zenGivers to keep their profile and schedule updated so that they can accept all direct bookings. In some cases, zenGivers may still need to adjust the time or day of the service and will have the option to request this change to you directly. You will be notified and can reply in your logged in account under the bookings tab. It is possible that your zenGiver will choose to not accept your request (ie. the job is outside their scope). If this occurs, you will be notified and given the option to automatically change the booking to an instant service request. Alternatively, you can issue a new direct booking with another zenGiver through the same order form that you previously used.