What Happens Once The Request Has Been Issued?

Published September 08, 2018 by zenGOT™ Support

Instant service request: An instant service request will be accepted by the first available zenGiver to claim the job (this can take as few as a couple minutes - if it takes longer, not to be alarmed, your booking will stay open and continue notifying zenGivers up until the start time requested). Instant service requests are sent to all of the zenGivers in your area. This allows a wide network of capable zenGivers to view and accept your booking. This is the best type of option for rapid response and convenience. You will be notified once a zenGiver has accepted your service request and will be able to communicate with them immediately upon acceptance.


Direct request: A direct request gives the zenGiver you selected 6 hours to respond. If the request is not accepted in the time frame, you will be notified and can book again with a different zenGiver. We recommend opting-in for instant service conversion at the checkout - this feature turns your direct request into a instant service request if the zenGiver you select chooses to decline or does not respond within the 6 hours.


After issuing either type of service request, there’s nothing more you need to do! Sit back and relax while our service providers review the details and prepare for the service.