What Should I Know When Entering The Service Location?

Published September 20, 2018 by zenGOT™ Support

Discuss the method for entering the premises well advance with the customer. When you arrive, smile, greet the customer and introduce yourself. Ask them to show you the service and where anything you might need is. Make a quick estimate of the number of hours you think would be required to complete the full extent of the service and share that with the customer.


If it appears that there is not sufficient time to complete the task in the time allotted, you must notify the customer as soon as it is apparent and either:

  1. get the customer to advise you of their priorities to be completed in the time booked; or
  2. if you are available to stay longer and do not have another commitment, tell the customer how much additional time you think the task will take. If the customer wants you to stay, have the customer agree to an extension of the time allotted by clicking on “Extend time” in their zenGOT account. You will then receive a notification showing the additional amount of time the customer has agreed to pay for; or
  3. if you're not available to stay longer, ask the customer if they would like to schedule you for another day to complete the task.


If the customer is not there when you arrive, let yourself in and start the service.


If your agreed upon method of entering the premises is not working, please contact the customer as soon as possible. Check the back door and make sure to knock just in case. Please stay at the premises for a minimum of 30 minutes before leaving and only leave if the customer is not returning your attempts to contact them. You may then login to your account and press the “Customer No Show” button.