How Do I Start And End A Booking?

Published September 20, 2018 by zenGOT™ Support

When you arrive at the booking and are prepared to start the service, you can start the booking by logging into your account and clicking the “Start Job” button.



zenGOT Start Booking



Start Job Button


These same methods can be used after the service to end the booking (the button in your browser will be “End Job” and the text command is #END).

Why do I have to start and end the booking?

Our system will know that the booking has taken place and will be able to track the start and end times for reference by our support team if needed. You’ll need to start and end the booking so that the system can charge the customer and update your earnings once you and the customer have confirmed that the service has been rendered.


I forgot to sign in at the right time or I didn’t sign in at all.

Not to worry! Your start and end times do not affect the amount charged to the customer or your earnings on the booking. These are reference points for the platform and our support team. If you need to start and end the booking outside the times that you had intended, you may do so in these cases. However, if it were to come to light that you have inappropriately used the start and end buttons, you will be immediately removed from the platform (i.e. starting and ending a booking that you have not completed).