I Have Concerns With The Amount I Have Been Charged

Published September 12, 2018 by zenGOT™ Support

Note that your communications with a zenGiver are open for 48 hours following a booking. If you have concerns with the service performed, you can discuss this with them and request that they return to finish or touch-up a job (we, of course, recommend that this discussion is had before the zenGiver leaves the service on the day of the service). You may also want to refer to the Errors and Issues During A Service article.


I feel like I have been significantly over/undercharged, what do I do?

While we do make recommendations to our zenGivers for appropriate pricing, it is possible that there may be incongruences between the amount paid and the value received. If you believe you have underpaid, you are welcome to leave a tip for your zenGiver. Please do so as outlined in this article

If you believe you have overpaid, feel free to connect with our support team to share your experience (Contact Us). If our support team determines that you are eligible for a refund, your payment method on the booking will be reimbursed. Please view our Refund Policy for more details.


How can I go about getting a refund?

You will have to contact our service department at support@zenGOT.com. Once the service department has been contacted they will review your refund request and contact the zenGiver as required. Please review our Refund Policy for more details.