How Do I Re-book The Same zenGiver Or Book A Recurring Service?

Published September 13, 2018 by zenGOT™ Support

You can easily book a zenGiver from the "Transactions" tab of your logged in account. Click on the details of the booking you previously did with the zenGiver and a pop-up will show with the receipt of the service and some buttons for you to use.

How do I re-book a zenGiver?


You can use the "Rebook [zenGiver name] Again" button to open up their zenGiver profile where you will be able to book them again with the "Book this zenGiver" button.


Rebook zenGiver button


Book zenGiver from their profile page


You can then select the service that you would like from the zenGiver's service offerings.


Book a zenGiver from their services


A standard zenGOT order form will pop-up and you can enter the details of the new booking. We recommend considering a higher frequency of booking using the frequency drop-down (discounts available) if you are enjoying your zenGiver's services; this can save you having to re-book every time. After you fill out the form, you will be sent to the checkout page where you can confirm the information and submit the request (if you need help with these steps, refer to the How To Book A Service article).


Alternatively, you can book the zenGiver again using the Order page and selecting them from the zenGiver listings using the "Select Your zenGiver" at the bottom of the order form.