How Do I Provide A Rating, Review and (Optional) Tip?

Published September 12, 2018 by zenGOT™ Support

Once the zenGiver has completed the booking using their mobile device at the end of the service, you will receive a text and email notification letting you know that the service has been completed with a link to provide a rating and review. Follow the link in this email to enter in an optional tip; rate the overall experience and optionally rate: quality, communication, professionalism and value provided; an optional public review of the service experience, optional private feedback for the zenGiver and optional private feedback to our support center. You can also use the “Pay Now & Tip” button on your dashboard to start the rating and review steps.


Pay Now & Tip button


How can I rate a zenGiver after a booking has closed?

This can be done on your bookings tab by selecting "Completed" bookings from the "Status" drop-down. You can then navigate to the booking needed and adjust your rating. You will only be able to adjust your rating and review and not your tip to a zenGiver. Instead, make a note to adjust your tip on the next booking with this zenGiver to reflect your tip adjustment. 


How to rate a zenGiver

How to rate a zenGOT service provider


How do I tip my zenGiver?

Upon completion of the service, you will receive an email notification to ‘Complete Payment Now.’  Click on the button and it will take you to the Tipping page where you have an option to “Tip’ or ‘Skip’.  You have 12 hours to provide a tip to your zenGiver as part of the payment processing. After 12 hours, payment is automatically processed and tips are no longer accepted.


How to tip your zenGiver

Rating your zenGiver

Simply select the number of stars that you feel represents the experience you had with your zenGiver.


How to rate your zenGiver


Reviewing your zenGiver

Click the text boxes to type in your feedback here. Note that these are optional, but that your feedback is greatly appreciated by our zenGivers and users, good or bad.


How to give your zenGiver a review


Resolving issues

We leave your communications open with the zenGiver for 48 hours after a booking has been completed. Please message or call your zenGiver with any concerns that you have and they will be able to help you find a solution for any service related issues.