Refund & Dispute Resolution Policy


At zenGOT, our mission is to make your life easier. We are committed to assisting Customers in being fully satisfied with their service. As part of our People First core value, we will support Customers and zenGivers in resolving any disputes and arranging refunds where permitted.


The following summarizes elements of our Terms of Use relating to refunds and disputes. Please note that, if there is any inconsistency between this Refund & Dispute Resolution Policy and the Terms of Use, then the Terms of Use shall prevail.



Services: zenGOT reserves the right, at its sole discretion, upon request from any User or upon notice of any unauthorized charge, potential fraud, or misuse of the zenGOT platform to: (1) place on hold any zenGiver Service payment; or (2) refund or credit the payment for same.


Gift Cards: are non-refundable unless stated otherwise, and not replaceable if lost or stolen.


Expenses: In some instances, a Customer may have included time in their booking for the zenGiver to purchase items for a job and, after the job is complete, material(s) need to be returned. If a Customer wishes to arrange a refund for unused material(s) which a zenGiver purchased for the Customer and was reimbursed, the refund will need to be made through the platform as a credit using the same payment method that was used to book the service.


To arrange refunding of material(s), the Customer may extend the original booking through the zenGOT platform provided that the zenGiver is still available. Another option to arrange to have unused materials refunded is to book an additional service through the platform with the same zenGiver to return the material(s). This option must be exercised within ten (10) days of the original booking. In either case, zenGOT will not be liable nor responsible for reimbursing or refunding any expenses.


Dispute Resolution

In the event a Customer is dissatisfied with any zenGOT service, they must report the issue in writing within ten (10) days by sending an email to


Any dispute between a Customer and any zenGiver is to be resolved between the Customer and the zenGiver although, if the Customer notifies us within ten (10) days, we will have the right, but not the responsibility, to intervene in the dispute and attempt to mediate or otherwise resolve it by encouraging the parties to discuss the matter and attempt to resolve it on a reasonable basis.


We have no legal authority to force any other User (zenGivers or Customers) to resolve a dispute. zenGOT gives no warranty or condition that we will become involved or that, if we do, that we will be able to resolve disputes between Users. zenGOT will not be liable nor responsible for reimbursing or refunding any fees or charges relating to a dispute.