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How zenGOT™ Works (Customers)

Similar to Airbnb, Uber, and other two-sided marketplaces, the zenGOT™ platform is run on a cashless basis. You start by signing up for free as a member of the zenGOT™ community. When you are ready to order services, there are 3 Simple Steps to Order.

3 Simple Steps to Order

Select Service

Choose from more than a dozen Services.

Select Date and Time

Choose the date and time that work best for you!

Select Service Provider

Choose from one of our fully vetted and rated zenGivers™.

How Payments, Communications, and Ratings Work

Credit Card Payment Information

The first time you order any service on the platform, you will be required to input your credit card information which is safely stored with Braintree through the industry-standard Secure Socket Layer (SSL) encryption. A hold for the estimated amount of the service will be placed on your credit card, however, you will only be charged for the service once it is successfully completed.

If you book any additional services, your credit card on record will be charged in the same manner. At anytime you may remove your credit card, add another credit card, or delete your account if you will not require any other services.

Communication with your selected zenGiver™

After ordering services, your selected zenGiver™ has six hours to accept your booking and begin communicating with you via zenGOT's™ secure online chat function either to introduce themselves and/or find out any details relating to the job which you may wish to communicate. After booking the service or upon hearing from your zenGiver™ you may communicate directly with them to make any special requests or provide any details about the job.

Performance of Service

On the day of your service, your zenGiver™ will arrive and check in for the job and communicate with you via the zenGOT™ chat function if you are not at home and if any information needs to be relayed to you. The zenGiver™ will then complete the job as requested and use the online platform to check out of the job.

Ratings, Reviews and Tips

You will then have an opportunity to provide 1 to 5 star ratings on your zenGiver™, write a review, and/or provide a tip, if you wish.

Payment Processing

Once you have provided a rating, review or tip or upon the passing of 12 hours after the end of the service, your credit card will be charged for the total amount of the service.

Another Way to Order

Select Service

Choose from more than a dozen Services.

Select Date and Time

Choose the date and time that work best for you!


Your order will be sent to all zenGivers in the City. The first available zenGiver will claim your job.


  • This is the quickest and easiest way to order services!
  • If you are short on time or require immediate service, the quickest and easiest way to order services is to select Instant Service Request after you have selected the service, date and time. This will provide you with the highest chance of your job being claimed!
  • When you select Instant Service Request, ALL zenGivers in the city who provide the service will be notified of the job and the first available zenGiver will claim the job.
  • You can still select the date and time that best suits you or you can request someone assist you As Soon As Possible! As soon as a zenGiver accepts the job you can communicate with them via the online messaging on our platform.