One of zenGOT™’s goals is to use technology to bring back community. We set up our platform to support the development of the zenGOT™ community. Plus, we feel it is also important to give back to the community at large.

Our B.C. team joined together for a holiday celebration and collected 14 boxes/bags full of necessities and gifts to donate to Covenant House in Vancouver supporting homeless and at-risk youth.


To start, zenGOT™ will be donating 5% of profits towards various charities and community development projects each year. Additionally, one or more times each year, we plan to offer the opportunity for zenGivers and customers to vote on which charities and community development projects they would like to see supported.


We will provide donations for charitable purposes and organizations in support of children, community assistance and outreach, arts, humanities, culture, education, environment, conservation, and more.