zenGOT™ Guidelines To Success

To become a successful partner with zenGOT™

Posted by zenGOT™ on May 24, 2017

zenGOT™ provides entrepreneurs and independent business people with a platform to build their own service business. To have optimal success and get the most out of the zenGOT™ platform, it is important to follow the zenGOT™ guidelines. Following are some main points:

  1. zenGivers should be polite and agreeable with customers and NOT be rude or argumentative with a customer, at any time. If a zenGiver is faced with an unavoidable conflict, please contact the zenGOT™ Customer Service team immediately. There is zero tolerance for bad behavior; any violation will result in a suspension from the platform.
  2. zenGivers are expected to maintain an average 4.5-star rating or higher (this average is not calculated until your first five bookings have been completed.) zenGivers will be notified that they are at risk of being suspended from the platform if their rating drops between 4.0 stars and 3.7 stars. Any zenGiver whose rating drops below 3.7 stars will automatically be suspended from the zenGOT™ platform. Account reactivations are at the full discretion of the zenGOT™ team and are only considered upon request from the zenGiver.
  3. At zenGOT™, we expect all zenGivers to comply with the Service Providers Agreement, the Terms of Use Agreement and the Privacy Policy.
  4. zenGOT™ is run on a cashless basis. All transactions must be paid for through the zenGOT™ platform.
  5. If a customer has been acquired through the zenGOT™ platform, zenGivers will not provide services to the customer outside of the platform. zenGOT™ reserves the right to take legal action against the zenGiver if this guideline is violated.

We also recommend that you watch our Customer Service Video for some great advice on how to keep your customers happy. You can find it on the zenGOT YouTube channel.




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