An Introduction

Posted by zenGOT™ on Nov 23, 2017

Welcome to the zenGOT™ blog! This is your source for platform updates, news, ideas to use for your gifts of time, and more! In this post we will be giving an introduction to the company and platform.


So how where did the name zenGOT™ come from? Pretty unique, we agree! Here's the story: 'zen' is the world renowned Buddhist sect from south east Asia and is often used as a term to represent peace within the mind and body in popular culture. 'GOT' is actually an acronym for "Gift Of Time". Combine these two together and you have "Peace of Mind with the Gift Of Time" which is, in fact, our motto! So the name zenGOT™ was chosen as the best way to represent what our company and platform is all about and that is Peace of Mind with the Gift Of Time. 


Our company was founded by sisters Catherine Goulet and Tag Goulet who, together, built the companies FabJob.com and IAP Career College which both help people pursue their career dreams through guides and courses respectively. You can get their and the rest of the zenGOT™ Team's story here. Catherine and Tag naturally wanted to continue to help their customers with their career development by helping them on a deeper level. This led to the development of a technological platform that matches consumers with individual service providers and business owners. 

Handyman Service Vancouver

The zenGOT™ platform is where cleaners, handypeople, dog walkers, tutors, coaches, trainers and other household service providers can provide their service and connect with the customers that need that service. The intuitive platform makes it easy for service providers (zenGivers as we call them) to define their rate, their area of operation, their expertise and more. Customers have an easy to use shopping experience to find the best service provider that matches their needs and expectations.


Whether you are looking to be a zenGiver or a customer, the zenGOT™ platform aims to make your experience of connecting, communicating and meeting needs as easy as possible. We are set to launch the platform in the next couple months and we want you to be ready to use it as you see fit!


For zenGivers:

Registration is now open and your profile is ready to be set up! Visit www.zengot.com to get started. After some introductory questions you will immediately be able to set up your profile with the services you want to provide, the hourly rates you would like to charge, the areas you would like to provide your services, pictures of yourself or your services, and a short description of yourself and what you provide. You will need to complete a background check and orientation before you can take any service contracts once the platform is launched. All zenGivers get 50% off any FabJob.com e-book or IAPcollege.com course and zenGivers that submit their background check in the month of November will be fully reimbursed if they complete a booking on the platform within 120 days.


For Customers:

Until the platform launches, there is only one thing for you to do. Go to services.zengot.com and sign up to receive updates and to be able to immediately start using the platform once it goes live. 


That was a little introduction to zenGOT™, who we are, and what we do. Until next time, feel free to explore the pages of our site and learn more about the culture and platform. While we are plugging away at getting everything prepared for you all, we encourage you to reach out with any questions or comments you have through any of our contact methods which you can view here or at info@zengot.com




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