Our Logo

The colourful three part design of our zenGOT logo subtly reflects a person sitting in the lotus position or could even signify an abstract lotus flower. You will notice that parts of this design are a tiny bit off kilter - this is intentional to give the logo more life and to reflect that our company is somewhat unconventional. The colours are fresh, fun and vibrant and blend well together just like our zenGOT team.

The three parts of the logo design reflect the three parts of our business. The green oval portion represents a head (the company/zenGOT team/head office); the blue portion represents the heart of our company (the service providers/zenGivers); and the purple infinity symbol portion represents the base that keeps us solidly planted (our customers - our infinite amount of customers who we are forever grateful to have as part of the zenGOT community). Thank you to our designer Kimberley Harris who worked closely with Co-Founder Catherine Goulet to design the perfect logo to represent our company.


Zenifer is the peaceful and vibrant mascot of zenGOT™. Zenifer is sitting in the lotus position and she is wearing the colours in our logo. In this image Zenifer is holding a clock to signify the Peace of Mind that customers will experience when they receive the Gift Of Time through Helping Hands, On Demand. The clock that Zenifer is holding changes to seasonal items such as a pumpkin at Halloween or a turkey at Thanksgiving.